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10 Watt Mono-crystalline Portable Waterproof Solar Panel to charge your 12V battery or to run your science projects.

Mono-crystalline Waterproof Solar Panel in Aluminum Frame 

- TUV certified and IP65 rated junction box with cable with MC connector 

- By-passed diode to minimize power drop caused by shade 

- Anodized aluminum alloy frame 

- Anti-reflective high transparency tempered glass 

- Solar cell embedded in EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) 

- Tedlar foil backing 

- 17.2V average working voltage

Assembly professionally with Siemens Mono-crystalline solar cells (in a worldwide shortage).

This solar panel is using the most expensive and highest performance solar cells so the price could be slightly higher than the really cheap Amorphous type on Ebay. There are three types of Solar Cells on the market. This solar charger is using the best Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells:

Amorphous or Dual Junction Solar Glass - Cheapest but only 7% energy efficiency and 5 years service life. It is big and heavy. If the seller didn't specify, it is the Amorphorus. It is black solid sheet in appearance. It is about half the price per watt compare to Mono-Crystalline. Most of the solar panels on Ebay are of this type.

Poly-Crystalline - 25 plus years service life under direct sunlight and 13% efficiency. It is blue color circular or semi-circular silicon wafer form in appearance.

Mono-Crystalline - 25 plus years service life and up to 20% efficiency. This is the same type used in solar car racing. This type of solar cells is now in a worldwide shortage because only a few companies can manufacture this type solar cell. The raw material which is a special kind of silicon sand ore is also in great shortage. It is in black color circular or semi-circular silicon wafer form in appearance.

Product Dimensions: 16.25" x 11.75" x 1", Weight 3 lbs

Compatible Battery: Any 12V rechargeable battery; you may need to use a charging controller to have auto shutoff to prevent overcharge. However, you can unplug manually when it is fully charged.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

10 Watt Mono-crystalline Solar Panel Charger