* Assembled professionally with Suntech Mono-crystalline solar cells (in a worldwide shortage
* TUV certified and IP65 rated junction box with cable with MC connector

* By-pass diode to minimize power drop caused by shade

* Anti-reflective high transparency tempered glass

* Class II black color coated aluminum alloy frame

Dimensions: 47" x 21" x 1.5"

This is a 75 Watt Mono-crystalline Portable Waterproof Solar Panel in black color (very rare) aluminum frame to charge your 12V battery or to run your science projects. The rare black color frame looks very nice.

It is in a factory new package and is 100% brand new. The solar panel is assembled by Suntech, one of the highest quality solar cell makers. It is also waterproof. The working voltage for charging is 18V. If you need to use it to charge a car battery, you may need a charge controller to prevent the battery from overcharging.

Connections included: alligator battery clamps. There are three types of Solar Cells on the market. All our Solar chargers use the best - Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells. Amorphous or Dual Junction Solar Glass are the cheapest but are only 7% energy efficient and have 5 years service life. They are big and heavy. Poly-Crystalline have 25 plus years of service life under direct sunlight and are 13% efficient.

Mono-Crystalline have 25 plus years service life and are up to 20% efficient. This is the same type used in solar car racing. This type of solar cell is now in a worldwide shortage because only a few companies can manufacture this solar cell.

Specifications: Maximum Voltage: 18V, Maximum Current: 4.17 A, Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6V, Open Circuit Current: 4.96A, Large Aligator Clips output

Weight: 17 lbs

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

75 Watt Black Frame Mono-crystalline Solar Panel and Battery Charger