Technical Details
* It can relieve swirl and headache, promote mental alertness, remove eye fatigue, revive energy,.
* It can improve sleeping, reduce stress, clear vision, keep an active mind
* Relax muscle, relieve ache in neck and waist
* Function on Fengchi point, Relax music and natural music (5 kinds)
* Air pressure massaging (4 states, automatically working), Vibration (4 kinds), Heating

Product Description We recommended this head and eye massager for everyone. Regular eye massage for 5 to 10 minutes is a good practice to prevent vision problems and help to reduce stress and help to have better sleep. However, most people won't do the eye massage by themselves or don't know how to do it. This device is handy. The Breo Breeze head and eye massager is a fun way to have head and eye massage. It is best for people who use computer monitors for extended periods of time (e.g. computer operators, accountants, designers, and engineers). People who suffer from pouchy eyes, dark eye circles, or eye wrinkles caused by tiredness and unsmooth blood circulation. People suffering from insomnia, headache, migraines, and presbyopia. However, everyone should have benefit to their eyes using this massager. - Safe to Use but not recommended for someone who have pre-exist head injury. - Pure Physical Massaging, No Side Effects, Fully Massages Eyes. - Cool Design - Adjustable in Shape and Size for Comfort - Adjustable head size *AROUND EYE AND TEMPLE ACUPRESSURE ? Program: o Air pressure massaging (4 states, automatically working) o Vibration massage for the head (4 kinds) o Heating o Relax music and natural music (5 kinds) o Built-in three-dimensional magnetic field *NATURAL MUSIC - MULTIPLE MODES DEVELOPED BY PSYCHOLOGIST - Power by 4 AA batteries (Batteries included), batteries last 6 hours of use, can use rechargeable batteries (no AC adapter included), - Headphones included FDA registered device

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Breo IDream 1260 Digital Head Eye Massager with Air Pressure, Vibration, Heat, and Music - Best on the market