Technical Details
* Energy saving Power LED technology, around 8 to 10 times better energy efficiency than light bulb
* GREEN Technology - 1.5 hours battery life at 160 Lumens, ultra compact size for everyday carry
* Luxeon Rebel 90 (3rd genereator Luxeon LED, 160 Lumens, about 5 times brighter than most flashlights )
* It has simple tail tactical switch click on and click off. The focus is adjustable from 1X to 4X (patented)
* High quality solid state DC-DC regulated circuit (other are DC-AC-DC non-regulated) maintain maximum light output throughout entire battery life.

Product Description Nu-Flare is one of the best Quality Compact Flashlight using the 3rd generation Luxeon Rebel 90 LED from Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA). The new Rebel 90 has improved battery efficiency, generates less heat, and higher brightness than the Luxeon V. It has the tactical tail switch and a patented zoom focus from 1X to 4X. You should notice that this is the one of the first flashlight on market offer the zoom head. This one is small in very compact size. We saw one having a big head of 2 inches diameter. This is one of Best American Technology. * Warning: There are some non-Luxeon made counterfeit 1W, 3W, and sometimes even claim 8 Watt LED on the market. They are half as bright at best and have a bluish color beam. Their light will be greatly reduced after just few hours of use due to poor quality and poor heatsink property. They are much cheaper but they are definitely not the quality of Luxeon. They are usually shipped out from Hong Kong. They are also subject to patent infringement problems. - Long battery life - 5 hours total (1.5 hours at maximum output). It will output less light after 1.5 hours but still fairly bright until it the batteries run out. - Accessory: Carrying Strap - Water resistant, very durable aluminum housing - Up to 50,000 hours LED life - Very well focus adjustable zoom beam (1x to 4x). It is very good for police work. Manufactured in ISO 9000 certified factory with latest CNC machines and Surface Mount Technology robotic equipments. Ultra high quality finish Patented design with patented US made Luxeon LED, it is not a cheap copycat version. Battery: 1 x CR123A Lithium batteries (1 Duracell battery included), you can use rechargeable NiMH batteries or rechargeable Lithium Ion CR123A batteries (available from us on Amazon for $19.95 include charger). Weight: light weight 60.5g with batteries Black Color

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Compact Nu-Flare Ultrabright 76R91L Luxeon Rebel 90 6W LED Flashlight - Zoom Focus, 1 x CR123A Cell, 160 Lumens for 5 hours, Bright and Efficient