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* Uses a 50,000-hours life CREE 7090 XR-E LED ( This new LED is more powerful than Luxeon V and K2 LED if there is enough voltage. 
* Current regulation circuit 
* 5 Output Levels with twist of the barrel:  9 lumens (8.5 hours), 25 lumens (3.5 hours), 75 lumens (1 hour), Flashlight Strobe, SOS

* Uses one AAA battery (not included)

* Input voltage: 0.8~3.3V 
* 2.94" (L) x 0.56" (D)
* Made of aerospace grade aluminum
* Hard anodized finish, highly durable Type III finish which is 10 times more wear resistance than the Type II on most high quality flashlights.
* 14.5 gram (0.51 oz) empty weight 
* Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
* Toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating
* Twist switch and twist the barrel for dimmer
* Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle
 Color: Black 

Comes with pen clip, keyring, deluxe lobster keychain claw, and spare O-ring (most other sellers don't have the deluxe keychain claw which is optional)

Product Warranty:
Limited lifetime warranty from Fenix. Repair is free but the cost of parts will be charged.

New, amazing 75 Lumens LOP-CE rebel 100 CREE LED in a tiny keychain flashlight - the only flashlight you need for reading and camping. *** Don't be confused with the cheaper LOP or L0D models that use Luxeon LED *** There is another cheaper version of Fenix LOD that uses Luxeon III. The regular LOD can output at only 30 Lumens maximum or about 60% of the LOD-CE rebel 100. This is the superior LOD-CE rebel 100. The CREE LED ( is a newly developed LED that is directly competing with Luxeon from Philips Lumin LED. CREE seems to be winning now with higher brightness, lower energy consumption, and less heat generated. This is the new amazing bright Fenix LOD-CE rebel 100 at 75 Lumens maximum on a keychain flashlight. That is much brighter than a full size 3D cells Maglite. We have it in stock and ready to ship. It is brighter, more power efficient and generates less heat than a Luxeon. Therefore, even at 75 Lumens, the battery can last 1 hour. Fenix LOD-CE rebel 100, the ingenious mini keychain flashlight with brilliant brightness, digital circuit with 5 output levels can be easily and conveniently attached to your keychain. With the characteristic inbuilt current regulation circuit and stable high brightness, Fenix LOD-CE rebel 100 is able to meet all your lighting needs whether you're a police officer, outdoor enthusiast or a person who appreciates a quality flashlight. Our model comes with the optional keychain claw with it non-standard. Other sellers are selling without the extra keychain claw.

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Fenix LOD-CE rebel 100 CREE LED FLASHLIGHT(olive color) - 75 Lumens on one AAA