Product Features
* This is the latest version of air foot massager. It works faster and and its program can massage your feet better.
* Air massage has three intensity: Strong, middle and weak.
* Soothing vibration helps improve circulation and energize muscles.
* Personal preference of 3 massage programs and 3 vibration modes.
* This air massage version is much easier on the foot than the mechanical version.

Product Description This is the most deluxe version of Leg Beautifician air leg and calf massager. It is similar but more powerful and massage faster than the C01 version. Enjoy the luxury and soothing benefits of a professional-quality foot and calf massage right in your own home. This massager massages away tension and fatigue from your feet, calves and ankles. Spend a few minutes with this massager, and your whole body will feel more relaxed and limber all day. In comparing with most mechanical kneading versions, the air massage is much less painful and much better for senior citizens, diabetes, and people with sensitive feet. The air leg massager is very common on many higher end massage chairs like the Osim and the Panasonic Real Pro. Our IComfort massage chair also have such air bag leg massager. On lower end massage chairs, they usually have the cheaper mechanical version. 1. Six Pairs of Massaging Air Bags specifically designed to massage your feet, ankles and calves all at the same time. Alleviate Common Ache and Feel Rejuvenated. 2. In addition, a vibration board effectively massages the soles and muscles of your feet. 3. Personal preference of 3 kneading massage programs and 3 vibration modes. 4. The synergetic combination of air massager and vibratory actions gives you a most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience, while achieving a beneficial reflexology and beautifying effect. 5. Strategically located buttons on the switch panel allow you to control the massage function easily. 6. Auto shut-off feature activates after the massager has been in use for 15 minutes. 7. A pair of detachable fabric covers (with zipper) allow for cleaning to maintain good hygiene. Product Details: Voltage: AC110V/120V Power Consumption: 80 watts Weight: 38 lbs Washable, easy to remove fabric cover UL-Listed Conditions: Brand new in nicely packed box. Warranty: We offer a 90 days limited warranty for any defects. This should be a simple and reliable maintenance free machine.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Leg Beautifician C-22 ultra deluxe air bags pneumatic Leg and Calf Massager