- Accessory: Handsome nylon pouch to insert into your belt 
- Water resistant, very durable aluminum housing 
- Up to 100,000 hours LED life 
- Very well focused beam (you get a 2' circle of even illumination at about 10'). It is very good for police work. 
- Manufactured in a ISO-9000 certified factory with latest CNC machines and Surface Mount Technology robotic equipment. 
- Ultra high quality finish and diamond pattern grip surface 
- Patented design with patented US Made Luxeon LED, it is not a cheap copycat version.

Best Quality Flashlight with 5W Luxeon Star LED from Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA).

* If you think the CR123 battery is very expensive, the rechargeable CR123 lithium batteries and charger are available now from us; please check our other listings

Elegant in design, this is the brightest portable flashlight in the world. It is up to 5 to 10 times brighter than most flashlights of the same size. It comes with a handsome black nylon carrying case. You can attach it to your belt.

A review is on: http://www.flashlightreviews.com/reviews/nuwai_alx-352_alx-032.htm

Light: 5W Luxeon (120 Lumens, 120 LEDs equivalent in brightness) from LumiLEDs Lighting in San Jose (Silicon Valley), California, USA. The LED alone is selling for $50 or $30 in bulk.

This is one of the Best American Technology


Warning: There are some non-Luxeon made counterfeit 1W and 3W LED flashlights on the market. They are half as bright at best and have a bluish color beam. Their light will greatly reduce after just few hours of use due to poor quality and poor heatsink property. They are much cheaper (some under $10 for 1W and $15 for 3W) but they are definitely not the quality of Luxeon. A 1 W Luxeon LED part alone costs $8. It is impossible to sell a 1W Luxeon for just $10. They are usually shipped out from Hong Kong. They are also subject to patent infringement problems.

- 3 levels from 100%, 50%, 25% brightness and flashing

High quality solid state DC-DC regulated circuit (others are DC-AC-DC non-regulated) maintain maximum light output throughout entire battery life - it will stay at 100% brightness for all 2 hours. Other cheap un-regulated Luxeon flashlights will start dimming after just 30 minutes of use without the regulated circuit. The regulated circuit boosts up the voltage automatically when the batteries became weak. After the first 4 hrs at 100%, it won't light up anymore at full 100%. You can step down to 50% for another hour of light and then 25% for another 1 hour before the batteries are totally dead. - Flashing mode (hold down switch for 3 seconds) is great for road emergency or warning signal

Specifications :

Material - 2000 lbs crush resistant high impact aluminum

Body Color - Titanium Silver

Burn Time - 2 hr. (100%), 4 hrs (50%), 8 hrs (25%)

Bulb Type - 5W Luxeon from Silicon Valley (120 Lumens) 120 ultrabright LED equivalent

Bulb Life - 100,000 Hours for LED

Battery - 2 x CR123 Lithium (included 2 Duracell) - rechargeable CR123 lithium batteries are available now from us, please check our other listings

Weight - Weight: 246g (8.7 oz) with batteries

Product Size - 42mmx169mm (1.65" x6.7")

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Nitestar 5 Watt Luxeon LED Flashlight ALX-352L - Silver