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Kipor Sinemaster IG3000 (AKA older models KGE3000Ti and KGE3500Ti):
30 AMP round twist lock recepticle
Industrial steel metal chassis
Rated Frequency (Hz): 60 
Rated Voltage (V): 120
Rated Current (A): 23.3 
Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 3600 
Rated Output Power (W): 2800 
Max. Output Power (W): 3000 
DC Output: 12V-8.3A 
Electric Circuit Breaker: Available 
Phase Numbers: Single phase 
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 13 
Engine Model: KG205GTi 
Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical, air-cooled, overhead valve, gasoline engine 
Displacement (cc): 200 
Rated Power [kW (PS)/rpm] 4.0(5.5)/3600 
Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 3600 
Ignition System: Transistor controlled ignition (T.C.I.) 
Spark Plug: F6RTC 
Starting System: Electric and pull start 
Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline 
Fuel Consumption (g/kW.h): 395 
Low Oil Warning: Engine stops automatically when oil runs low
Lube oil: 0.55L of 10W30 regular motor oil added to the crankcase, no oil mixing (do not use synthetic oil for new motor)
Noise level(dB(A))/ 20 feet: 56 (no load), 57 (1/4 load), 62 (full load)
Dimension: 27.0" x 16.7" x 19.9"
Dry weight: 132 lbs
EPA Certified Engine - 200cc OHC, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, low emission

Warranty: We offer 2 years parts and labor warranty. We stock most major spare parts. We have service center in the US and Mexico. Kipor has been a reliable generator company so you are likely do not need any service. Less than 1% of the Kipor generators have problems in the first 2 years. The quality can rival Honda and Yamaha.

One of the never-ending tasks of Kipor is to produce high quality and environmental-friendly generators . Today, Kipor has developed digital generators,which are considered smart and reliable with a high quality electricity output. Once launched, digital generators have applied for the patents both in appearance and construction. They are sorted in two series, i.e Ti series (SINEMASTER) and TC series (CAMPINGMATE).

Portable generator-power on your palm:

The alternator is directly connected to the engine and the flywheel is canceled. Compared with the traditional generator set, digital generator set save about 50% of the dimensions and weight, resulting in applications for many entertainment occasions and other mini portable tools operation.

Unique structure and prominent technology:

The industry design of Sinemaster digital generator set is very fashionable, whereas the inner structure of the set is so reasonable and unique. Sinemaster owns both industry design and inner structure patent of digital generator set.(Unique and patent-depending cooling air system.)

"Green power" and environmental-friendly:

A Sinemaster digital generator set is applied with new two-tiered noise dampening system, so the noise emitted by digital generator set is 3-9dB lower than a traditional generator set. The high-performance combustion system reduces the poison emission to the lowest limit. According to the test report from our R&D center, the 1-3KW Ti series generator sets can meet the phase ii standard,EPA 2005. Compare with the traditional generator sets, KIPOR digital generator sets are real green power.

Quality power:

The Ti series generator set is the outstanding one among Sinemaster digital generator sets. The key part of the Ti generator set is the inverter. The inverter "purifies" the initial alternating current, inverts it to direct current and reduces the voltage wave distortion to the lowest limit, and finally, the direct current is inverted into clean and smooth alternating current output. The power wave of Ti generator set is the perfect sine wave, so it can run some precise equipment or instruments sensitive to the voltage fluctuation, such as computer, etc.

Smart throttle technology:

Makes the engine speeds match the load automatically resulting in quieter operation, longer life and better fuel economy.

Acoustically engineered sound reduction system with up to date molded cabinets, mufflers and fans resulting in a quieter working environment.

We have digital inverter generators from 1000W to 6000W.

* Traditional 3000W generators are noisy (70-75 dB, every increase in 3 dB doubles the actual noise level)

Kipor Sinemaster IG3000 3000W (KGE3000Ti or worldwide called model # KGE3500Ti) Digital Inverter Generator with 30 AMP recepticle - Free Shipping