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Xtreme Gadget 14 Cyber Display Fan

Xtreme Gadget proudly introduces to you the new 14 inch Cyber Display Fan. We are the only OEM dealer in the US selling such an advanced display gadget. It uses the same technique as the Cyber Crystalball to display graphics on the fan. Each of the 16 LEDs can display 8 different colors. The actual live display is much more spectacular than the photos. It even has a real time clock tell you the exact time down to the seconds. People will stop at your Cyber Display Fan and wonder what make all these spectacular color displays. They will keep watching all your advertisement. It is best to replace your boring "ON SALE?" or "SPECIAL?" signs. The built-in CPU and a rotary encoder have to synchronize the spinning speed with each LED in exact timing of 1/100,000 second accuracy. The Cyber Display Fan can be programmed through your PC or notebook computer in the Windows 95/98/2000/XP operating system. With the software provided, you can program various display effects just like the Cyber Crystalball except this has only 16 LEDs. Your messages can be changed at anytime to suit different occasions. Once the programming is done, the Cyber Display Fan can work continuously off-line 24/7. This unit is completely safe; it doesn’t use any laser or radiation. You can link the unit to the PC’s RS232 port (serial port) with the special cable provided. A Cyber Display Fan software disk is included. The graphics will turn on at medium and high speed only. Low speed is just for fan only.

Quality: The Cyber Display Fan is manufactured with the highest quality components exactly as the Cyber Crystalball. It is backed by a one year limited warranty.

-Color: 8 colors, 16 LEDs

-Size: 14? fan, charcoal black color to reduce light reflection from the front grill

-Capacity: Maximum 250 display frames saved in a 4MB flash memory

-Display: Graphics, text in any language, real time clock

-Display Mode: Flow, Pull, Fall, Slide, GIF Animation, Clock

-Power: 110V, 60W

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Xtreme Gadget 14 inches Cyber Fan