Technical Details
* Water Resistant. High quality rugged aluminum constructions similar to the Surefire using the 4 Power LED's in one MC-E Cree XLamp
* Using the new brightest Cree MC-E XLamp which actually contain 4 CREE in one chip output a stunning 750 Lumens
* Main Tactical ON/OFF Button allows Instant Operation at Any Mode. Mode Twist Switch allows Easy Operation of Each Output Mode - HIGH & LOW
* Uses 2 x 3V CR123A Lithium Batteries [Included 2 X of the Duracell brand batteries], 1.5hrs HIGH, 4hrs LOW

Product Description Color - Black , Operation- Main ON/OFF Button , Mode Twist Switch - OFF-LOCK > HIGH > LOW [Twist the mode switch between output modes] , [Press the main ON/OFF button for instant operation at any mode] , Battery Type 2 x 3V CR123A Lithium Batteries [Included the Duracell brand batteries], Burn Time 1.5hrs HIGH 4hrs LOW, Bulb Type 1 x MC-E Cree XLamp White LED, Output Power - Up to 750 lumens, Size ?29mm x 154mm Weight - 196g [With Batteries]

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X-Glow Untrabright 750 Lumens MC-E Cree XLamp LED Aluminium Flashlight Torch - Compact and uses only 2 x CR123A cells